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Soon enough, Lin's car pulls up in front of a local café, and the pair made their way inside. Seated at one of the booths, Lin and Robin look over the menus already set up on the table.

Giving the menu an once-over, Robin shrugs and sets it down. "Anything in particular you'd recommend?"

Taking her time with her own choice, Lin smiles across the table at Robin as she recalls what she had eaten there before. "The meatloaf, the chicken tenders, and their burgers are all pretty good here."

"I guess I'll have a burger then, hold the salad." Shooting Lin a grin, Robin chuckles to herself. "One of the advantages of a bizarre pseudo-digestive system like mine, I don't have to watch what I eat... when I even need to eat. And I'll have raspberry lemonade to drink, call me kiddy if you like but I enjoy it."

Noticing Lin's distinct appearance, the waitress hurries over, glad to be serving Fantastic Lin again, curious about whom the woman with her might be. Lin smiles at her, recognizing the waitress as she relays their order. "Hi Steph, this is Robin, could we have one burger meal, no salad, one fish sandwich one raspberry soda, one ginger ale and the spinach and artichoke dip for an entree?"

Nodding as she furiously scribbles in her notepad, Steph smiles at the pair. "Sure Lin, always glad to serve you."

Watching Steph leave, Robin cracks an eyebrow as the waitress animatedly converses with the cook towards the back of the café, no doubt trying to work out who the woman eating with Lin was, Rumor undoubtedly in the making. Turning back to Lin, Robin strikes up conversation once again. "So Lin... there's something a little personal I wanted to ask you."

Her eyes having followed where Robin was looking, Lin privately wonders whether this encounter will become tabloid-fuel, lost in her thoughts she takes a moment to respond. "Oh?  What's that?"

Squirming in her seat, Robin makes clear her discomfort. "Well... this is a little awkward to bring up... but Jessie told me you're married, but you and she have been intimate with each other... what does your husband think of this, does he know?

Lin shifts in her own seat. "Directly?  He doesn't, and the way things are going, he might not ever...  This was probably before you arrived, but a few months ago, I had a charity jello-pudding wrestling match with Walkiria.  During that match, the way our bodies rubbed against each other…  let's just say it took me a few cold showers that night just to be able to look at her without trying to jump her bones!  Sometime after, she recommended a new gym in town, and the owner nearly made me swoon the moment I saw her.  Beautiful Asian woman, taller than me, maybe even more muscled than me.  She had this energy around her, she gave me weightlifting workouts that kicked my ass and took me beyond my limits...  I've since realized what had been an in-joke with the local supers was actually true:  I'm bi."

"Once I realized that, I had to tell my husband.  I explained everything to him, I told him that I wouldn't leave him if he still wanted me, but I had to explore this new… place as well.  After my words sunk in, he said that he would always love me and stay with me, but he had one request, that if I was going to sleep with another woman, that I would bring her home so he could join in he ended his request with a wink, a giggle and a hug." Lin goes doe-eyes at the memory, giggling herself at the thought of her husband.

Going from a giggle to a sigh, Lin looks down at the table. "That is why I haven't told him about Jessica yet, from all I've seen of her, she doesn't seem to like men at all, I don't know why...  I've tried to steer her toward something with my husband, but I might as well be facing off against Vapor in that regard..."

Resting her chin in her hands, her expression glum, Lin speaks quietly. "Does that clear things up Robin?"

Leaning back in her chair, Robin lets out a long breath. "It does... I guess so long as he's okay with you seeing other people in theory then I can't cast any stones your way... Time for a new topic of conversation?"

"Yes, please." Relieved, Lin looks up as one of the other waiters provides their appetizer.  "Careful, Robin, that dip is pretty hot."

Gulping down a massive chip-full of the dip absently, Robin searches for new subject matter, seemingly untouched by the spiciness. "In that case... anything important happening in the superhero community right now?"

Lin whispers to Robin, her brow furrowed in worry. "You mean besides our mutual friend Vapor paying Olga a visit?  Not much...  Oh!  Stranger Industries has been asking for heroic metas to join up with the super-group they're forming, the Guardians or some such.  I'll be involved in it, but in more of a Reserve role, to be called in when they need some extra muscle..." Lin flexes her arm showily as she says muscle.

"I had heard of that..." staring at the bowl of dip with far more concentration than it merits, Robin muses."I hope they're got someone on the team capable of dealing with magical threats..."

Lin thinks for a few minutes, mentally sorting through the abilities of all those that she knew of on the roster before replying. "I'm not sure if they have someone like that on the team..."

"That's... not good..." Looking up, Robin grimaces. "Without a magus, or at least someone that has a working knowledge of how magic works, that could be a weakness in their lineup, something that a suitably powerful magical antagonist could exploit... or even any enemy that can exploit weaknesses."

A little perturbed, Lin tries to justify the lack of magic users, privately hoping Robin is wrong. "The question is, though, are there any of those kind of villains in Angel Falls?"

"Yet..." Robin looks at Lin darkly. "The reason I'm still here, and that magically oriented incidents are on the rise is... something's coming, I can tell that much." Trying to lighten the tone, Robin hastily adds an afterthought. "Of course Jess is also a big part of why I'm still here."

Lin smiles, nodding meaningfully back to Robin. "Of course."

"I guess there's nothing for it then..." Looking at Lin, Robin speaks solemnly. "Lin, would this group be willing to let me join up? I get the feeling they're going to need me as a reservist in case anything dangerously magical decided to blow up in their face...."

"I can certainly ask around to see if they can use your services.  The more, the merrier..." Lin gives a strained smile as she answers, trying to lighten the mood a little.

The main meal arriving, Robin waits until the waiter departs before continuing. "Yeah... I'm not arrogant enough to assume I'm essential to the team, but I could be a useful asset in certain situations, and I'd want to be there, just don't ask me to do any press releases..."

"Then you can be a reservist on the private list like Olga... She told me about that little fight the two of you have with a demon in central park, seems like the two of you have a lot in common." Lin replies thoughtfully as she shifts her plate in front of her, popping the top off her bottle of ginger ale.

Picking at her burger, Robin mutters to herself. "Always forget to tell them to leave the onions in..." Roused from her musings, Robin looks up at Lin. "Yeah, I'd have been screwed if she hadn't shown up…"

Lin eats her fish sandwich and some of her fries quietly, letting the silence stretch before she speaks again.  "So how has your stay in Angel Falls been so far?"

Smirking, Robin looks to the ceiling for a moment, laying her burger back down. "I'd say... mixed..."

Lin raises one eyebrow, adding a puzzled frown for good measure. "Oh?  How so?"

"Well... I found Jessica, but initially she tried to kill me... admittedly that's as much indicative of my luck with other women as it is anything else... I've made friends and enemies alike, found equal parts pain and enjoyable experiences, and fell in Love with Jessica..." Shrugging away her misty-eyes, and shooting a wry grin at Lin, Robin leans further back. "Like I said, mixed..."

Lin reprises her knowing nod. "Jessica and I didn't exactly get along initially either… she tried to give me an embolism, AFTER she knocked me out and took a bit of my strength.  What did she try with you?"

"Sarin gas, she worked out that even with my regenerative abilities she could incapacitate me for a while if she flooded my system... she said something about using me for 'experiments' and I've never been game to ask afterwards what she had in mind." Robin shudders as she considers what might have been.

"Considering that before I escaped the binds she had me in she was thinking of turning me into a human blimp?  Probably for the best...  One thing I've learned from facing Jessica the first time, though?  Pressure effects Density..." That cryptic tidbit bestowed, Lin drinks deeply from her ginger ale.

Nodding to herself, Robin contemplates the implications. "Then water pressure..." Shaking her head, Robin moves away from such a morbid topic. "In any event, that's all in the past."

Finishing her own meal, Lin looks over the dessert menu. "Do you want to get some dessert, Robin?"

Setting aside the remaining third of her burger, Robin shakes her head. "No thanks... that wasn't quite enough of a workout to get me to ravenous levels... I'd be happy to chat while you have desert though, maybe even have a little or yours..." Utterly failing to make doe-eyes, Robin's efforts are transparent.

Grinning coyly, Lin calls a waitress over and orders a chocolate sundae, pointing to the remainder of Robin's meal as she does so. "Are you going to take that burger home, or can I have it instead?"

Robin edges her plate across the table to Lin, snickering all the while. "Go ahead... I take it you need a lot of energy to keep such a powerful body going?"
Lin flexes one of her biceps as she answers, "It certainly doesn't hurt..." she complements the statement with a wink.

Rolling her eyes a little at the posturing, Robin drums her fingers on the table, for the moment bereft of subject matter as the pair wait for the sundae.

Dropped off by a waitress that can't seem to keep her eyes off Lin, the sundae arrives, Lin digging the spoon deep into it to lever out a first taste for Robin. "Here you go Robin, let me know how it tastes."
Enjoying the spoonful, Robin nods to herself, a small trail of chocolate syrup tracing down her chin, unbeknownst to her. "Good quality ice-cream there, and all the little bits and pieces seem to come together well."

Reaching her hand across the table, Lin's finger catches the syrupy trail and offers it to Robin. "You missed a little..." she says with a slight blush.

Mirroring Lin's blush, Robin freezes for a moment, unsure whether it would be more awkwardly suggestive to lick the syrup off Lin's finger or let Lin lick it off herself. "Um, thanks..." Deciding on the former course of action, Robin licks the syrup away before turning her head as the flush intensifies.

Lin proceeds to attack the desert; a small glob of ice cream missing her lip to make contact with the bare skin of her upper chest, beginning to slide downwards towards her breasts.

Noticing the spilt confection, Robin's mouth goes dry as her eyes are inorexably drawn to its path. Motioning towards Lin's chest, Robin's voice is quiet. "You... you dropped a little there..."

Lin's face flushes a little as she uses a finger to clean up the mess, licking it clean afterward.

Shaking her head to try and clear it, Robin berates herself internally. "Dammit Robin, what are you doing, having a mid-eternity crisis? As if Jessica wasn't enough you've been swapping lingering glances with every super-heroine you've run into in this dimension, do they have pheromones or something?"

Rousing herself, Robin gives Lin a nervous smile. "Mind if I have a little more of the ice-cream?"

Lin slides the sundae's cup closer to Robin's side of the table, her smile neatly mirroring Robin's own.

A little distracted with her inner-monologue, Robin manages to spill the ice-cream down the front of her blouse and down the collar to glide along her skin, the cold mess causing her to suddenly jump to her feet, pushing her chair backwards. "Oh, blast!"

Lin carefully gets up from her chair and walks over to Robin, "Don't worry; I can help you clean it off." Calmly she guides Robin to the ladies' room.  Once inside she speaks straightforwardly. "Should we try cleaning it up a little here with the sink or maybe wait until we get back to Jessica's place?"

"Actually I'll be fine by myself; it was just best that people out there didn't see me doing this..." Taking off her blouse, Robin blushes a little, forgetting in her muddled state that Lin had already seen her sports bra today.

Holding the blouse in one hand, Robin pulls a trail of water from the air with a flick of her wrist, soaking the shirts with it to drive out the ice-cream then yanking the water back out to leave it dry.  Doing this a few times to get the mess out, Robin passes the time by explaining to Lin.

"Since I don't have any detergent I'll still have to wait until I get home before cleaning out the tougher stuff like chocolate..." Concerned with cleaning the blouse, Robin fails to notice the trail of syrup trickling sluggishly along the curve of her cleavage, headed towards the edge of her top.

"Robin?  You missed some… again." Lin's finger stops the chocolate syrup from hitting Robin's workout top by working her finger throughout her cleavage cleaning up as much syrup as possible before licking it from her finger.

Taking a few steps back, Robin almost stumbles against the sink from the surprise contract, her face all but glowing, dropping her blouse as she holds the sink's edge in a death grip. "W-warn me next time you're going to do that!"

Lin giggles as she bends down to retrieve the dropped blouse, giving Robin a clear view of her cleavage in the process.  "Sorry about that, but I didn't think you wanted to take off and clean your workout top in here as well as this..."

"T-thanks I guess..." Taking the blouse back from Lin, Robin sneaks an assessing glance, Lin's hard muscle increasingly becoming less off-putting to her as Lin's femininity shines through. Putting the top back on, Robin is thankful that whatever other powers Lin might have, telepathy doesn't seem to be among them.

Lin extends her hand to Robin, smiling at the magi. "Shall we go back out and pay for our meal, then?"  

Taking Lin's hand gingerly, Robin fusses with her shirt as they walk back out. "Yeah, I'll take care of the bill..."

"Thanks, and I'll leave the tip."  The bill paid, they head back to Lin's car, Lin releasing Robin's hand and smiling to her in that same innocent yet sultry way. "Where do you want to go now?"

Leaning against the side of the car, Robin crosses her hands behind her head, lazily looking skywards. "Well I don't have any particular plans... you could just drop me off at Jessie's, unless you have an idea?"

Lin and Robin open the car doors and slide inside, almost synchronized as Lin turns to Robin. "How about I show you where Stranger Industries and the SRC are?"

Shrugging in response, Robin leans back into the seat, suddenly feeling like relaxing. "Sure."

Lin drives into town, first stopping outside the Stranger Industries complex.  "This is Stranger Industries' main facility, for now I think the Guardians will be based out of there too..."

"Huh..." Staring at the building speculatively, Robin notes the high security and technology level obvious from even a cursory glance. "Any reason in particular I could visit this place? Seems like it could be interesting to take a look around..."

"From what I've seen and heard, they have special medical facilities inside the building for super humans, they have their own research departments and stuff for various technologies, and if you have some tech that you need help with, they have someone there that can help repair and even improve it..." Lin spends a moment thanking the SI labs for her custom weight sets as she fills Robin in.

"Me, not so much but maybe one of the people in there could help Jessie..." Turning away from the window, Robin stares at the dash, lost in thought. "Any other landmarks to visit on this tour?"

Lin twists the wheel and pulls away from the curb. "Yep, I want to show you the Superhero Recreation Center."

"Okay then." Leaning back again, Robin wonders if stranger labs can help remove some of the more volatile aspects of Jess's powers... and whether she can be persuaded to do so.

Lin drives to the SRC and parks, motioning to the impressive facility, she makes an offer "Would you like the grand tour of the place?"

"Maybe another time... I could go by myself, I wouldn't want to impose." Robin stares at the facility, noting that it appears to be a giant glorified gym.

Putting the car back in gear, Lin sighs.  "You wouldn't be imposing, I'd be glad to show you around… The pool, sauna, weight rooms, combat rooms, and more will have to wait see your regal presence then.  I'll take you back to Jess's."

"Well… maybe some other time after all... wait, regal presence? Are you saying I'm arrogant or something?" Looking to Lin with confusion, Robin tilts her seat back up to talk properly.

Shaking her head, Lin heads towards Eden Island. "Oh no, nothing like that, you just have a look about you from the few times I've seen you in costume.  From days gone by... "

"Uhh... Kinda..." Trying to work out what to say to this sudden declaration, Robin fumbles for words. "Whatever else I am, I'm no royalty... but yeah, to an extent my powers have their roots in another age."

Lin smiles as they enter Eden Island, "You are a Lady to me, at least."

"Uhhh thanks..." Turning to hide her renewed blush, Robin tilts her head forward, her hair covering her face as Lin's car coasts to a stop, Robin ponders to herself with no small degree of irony. "So this is what jess was talking about when she said Lin was... different."

"I had fun today.  If you want to go out with or spar with me again, please either call me here," Lin hands Robin her business card for the Wong Sisters Modeling Agency, which includes her cell phone number. "Or drop in at the Superhero Recreation Center and make use of the amenities, you might even find me there..."  Lin smiles as Robin unbuckles her seatbelt and fumbles with the door-latch.

Stuffing the card in her pocket, Robin smiles warmly at Lin as she exits the car. "I'll do that, thanks. It'll be good to have another friend here in Angel Falls." Making her way up the driveway, Robin turns back and waves to Lin as she reaches the front door before heading inside, the unexpected visit having given her a lot to think about.

Lin waves back, enjoying the rear-view of Robin entering the house before she drives off.  On her way back home she muses to herself, "That worked out unexpectedly well, made another heroic friend, and who knows?  Maybe I'll get to have fun with both her and Jessica together some day...  One thing for certain, though, I have to work on my pressure point defense if I intend on sparring with her again... either that or try using weakened chi blasts to keep her off balance long enough to subdue her..." Lin giggles to herself as she considers all the possible meanings 'subdue' could have on the long drive home.
The sceond part of the Robin/Lin crossover, and one that hints at future character interactions as well as explains a few things...


Lin written for by :iconvince3: and owned by :iconwillflud:

Robin owned by Me. :iconleviadragon99:

Jessica Riley (referenced enough times that it actually matters) owned by :iconsharkdude5590:
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Lurker-Below Featured By Owner Nov 23, 2010
It's almost like a first date. I loved the sometimes embarrassing conversation those two were having in the diner, and it goes a long way to explain Lin's relationship with Vince. Cool story. :D
Levia-the-Dragon Featured By Owner Nov 23, 2010
Yah, it was pretty important to do eventually given Jess's relationship with Lin...
Feredrone Featured By Owner Jul 26, 2010  Hobbyist Writer
This was really good too. Most of the stuff Robin and Lin talked about was interesting and relevant. Again, the way Jessica was brought up in this was well-done too. They certainty aren't ignoring her blatantly obvious evil tenancies, but they are at least trying to come up with plans to take her down just in case they can't redeem her. The way they're handling her isn't perfect because of their emotional involvement, but they're definitely haven't lost all of their intelligence just by being in a relationship with her. :)

On the negative side, the whole "ice-cream" incident seemed kinda pointless and there only for sex-appeal, but that's about it. everything else was basically good as far as I'm concerned. ^_^
Levia-the-Dragon Featured By Owner Jul 26, 2010
Yep, I was glad that we managed to hold onto that balance... though Robin is more likely to let the emotional side get the better of her...

Well yeah... gotta throw in some UST for the sake of the pervy readers eh? At the very least, while a deeper love set of feelings might not be there, I wanted to hint at a little light lusting...
Feredrone Featured By Owner Jul 26, 2010  Hobbyist Writer
Maybe, I don't know. Lin just let Jessica go after her first "adventure" with her, so right now Robin seems more level-headed about the relationship than Lin does. It might not be saying much, but still.

I guess? If it appealed to the people who enjoyed imagining it, then great. :)

I'm not sure if that counts as "hinting at a little light lusting", though. It was pretty bloody blatant. o.0;
Levia-the-Dragon Featured By Owner Jul 27, 2010
:shrug: I guess we'll have to see which of the two of them is more rational in the end...

Well... it was meant to be slightly subtler on Robin's side... ambigious as to whether is was more embarassment or arousal... and Lin was the one being pretty open about it because that's just the way she is...
burdensdown Featured By Owner Jul 24, 2010
I love it
Levia-the-Dragon Featured By Owner Jul 25, 2010
Thanks, any specific thoughts to add?
KaijuDuke Featured By Owner Jul 24, 2010
So technically Lin isn't supposed to be fooling around with Jessica because of the agreement she made with her hubby...This could get ugly later O_O
Levia-the-Dragon Featured By Owner Jul 24, 2010
Perhaps... I guess we'll just have to see eh?

And it'd get even worse if Lin and Robin became involved, because while it has been previously implied that Jess MIGHT be okay with a guy being involved in a threesome if she doesn't have to have anything to do with him, Robin wouldn't even accept being in the same room...
boxeater5 Featured By Owner Jul 24, 2010
would you (or any of your characters) say no if Jessica asked for sex?

I didn't think so
KaijuDuke Featured By Owner Jul 24, 2010
But none of my charcaters are married XD! Just saying it might lead to some fun drama later if Lin's husband finds out is all
boxeater5 Featured By Owner Jul 24, 2010
oh no doubting that...but with Jessica being Lin's "first lesbian experience" that is something Lin doesn't want to lose by upsetting, the very unstable, Jessica.
vince3 Featured By Owner Jul 24, 2010   Writer
This is an interesting dynamic we've created between Robin and Lin, and even if there wasn't any actual hanky panky, their relationship is much, much different at the end of their meeting than they it was at the beginning.

As to the SRC. Lin built the building from the ground up (at times literally) and has space that can be turned into new rooms as the ideas fly in, like a target practice room. Right now there are places for close combat, weightlifting, pool, sauna, a recreation room and a bowling alley. There can always be more types created, or convert unused rooms to accomodate the new types of use...
Levia-the-Dragon Featured By Owner Jul 24, 2010
Indeed... it does very much appear that there's a burgeoning lusting if nothing else... and a friendship besides.

Cool, then maybe when Robin shows up Lin can set up a target range...
boxeater5 Featured By Owner Jul 24, 2010
hehehe and now Robin has experienced enough to Lin to see exactly how Jessica gets into certain situations. i liked the little banter and who doesn't like people complimenting and saying good things about someone else when they aren't there? another sweet little story, Robin is just so cute
Levia-the-Dragon Featured By Owner Jul 24, 2010
Eheh, indeed, I think this is a nice basis to work from for any Lin/Robin/Jessica crossovers... maybe the three of them coincidentally run into each other at the SRC?
boxeater5 Featured By Owner Jul 24, 2010
very possible, Jessica will be going there to make her titan form more powerful and just to be around Lin, Lin owns the place and spends a lot of time there, and Robin was invited...while not being a weight lifter it is a nice open place to spar without fear of any damages...or all 3 ladies can relax in and around the pool or sauna ;)
Levia-the-Dragon Featured By Owner Jul 24, 2010
Indeed, I'm sure that'll be the first... second thing on Jess's mind if they meet up there eh?

And i'm thinking Robin might be inclined ot see if the facilities include ranges for superpower target practice...
boxeater5 Featured By Owner Jul 24, 2010
Maybe third ;) hehehehe

I am sure Lin could figure something out or build up a new facility with the money Jess gave her to use
Levia-the-Dragon Featured By Owner Jul 24, 2010
Huh... so does Lin part-own the place herself?
boxeater5 Featured By Owner Jul 24, 2010
I think the SHC is her building completely, Jessica had just paid her a large amount for being a friend and to improve the building. There might be some official owner to it but as far as I know, Lin controls/owns the whole thing
Levia-the-Dragon Featured By Owner Jul 24, 2010
Ahhh, I see... well that works out nicely then.
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