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I'm kind of sick of the "99" at the end of my name, but "Leviadragon" by itself is already taken. 

18 deviants said Change my name to "Levia the Dragon"?
12 deviants said Should I keep the same name for the sake of consistancy?
3 deviants said Or change it to something else entirely? Make suggestions if you like.



not telling
what can I tell you here that you cannot gather from my picture, various journals/comments and my profile? let's see, I used to make my own creatures out of lego (mostly bionicle), I currently dabble in writing, generally pretty out-there fiction, I volunteer for the Red Cross, I have a wide and ecentric taste in music, I enjoy all manner of pop culture miscellanea, my favourite videogame genre is the RPG and I may or may not secretly be a lesbian.
Yes, I am still alive... yes I'm also still suffering from writer's block. There are a couple of things I want to commission but it's a matter of finding the right people for it... anyone who wants to make any suggestions, go ahead. I also dearly want to contribute to a story event currently going on in the :iconangel-fallsda: writing group, but that funk is pretty draining... well regardless. I have enough inspiration for this much at least. So without further ado... let's explore how some of my characters would fight if they were in a fighting game, and what their finishers would be. Be warned, most of these are pretty brutal.

Inspired by Mortal Kombat 10, Robin actually has three different "styles"

Robin style 1: Battlemage
Fully armoured and wielding her spear, this moveset focusses around Robin's melee combat skills, the most durable of her three styles and probably the most balanced. Her attacks are neither slow nor fast, weak nor strong, but they do have significant reach thanks to her spear, she also has evasion moves and quick-approach moves to ensure she is the optimal distance from her foe as much as possible. her attacks can be blocked or dodged with average timing, but Robin's main strength in this style is to maintain the flow of attacks, methodically striking rather than over-committing to one massive hit or wildly flailing. If the player can line her up right, she is far enough away to keep most melee fighters at a safe distance, while still being close enough to frustrate ranged combatants. Her ranged options in this state are limited, but she does retain a basic interrupting projectile.

Ultimate move: Making sure

Driving her armoured hand through the heart of her foe, Robin then lops off their head with her spear and blasts the decapitated cranium with cold before shattering it.

Robin style 2: Pure Cold

A ranged/mage build, this style sees Robin abandoning her armour and spear and floating around on an icy platform, this makes her movement faster but dodge moves slightly slower, her health pool is also reduced. In this state she can rack up devastating combo chains with tricky-to-avoid wide-area moves of ice, water and steam, but closing the distance and attacking her directly disrupts her focus and she has limited options to force an enemy back or retreat. her moves are also slower with more tells and windup.

Ultimate move: Sublimate

Spreading her arms wide, Robin flash-freezes her surrounds, trapping her enemy. She then floats up and opens a massive water gateway in the sky, pulling through a great iceberg to drop on the battlefield. Assuming that isn't enough, Robin renders the chunk of ice to steam in a rapid and explosive change of state, blasting apart anything that wasn't crushed.

Robin style 3: Construct and Control

The most technical of Robin's styles and the fastest, this state sees Robin unarmed and having discarded her cloak, here she primarily fights with her golems while using plenty of misdirection to stay out of the line of fire, illusions to allow her to quickly escape or even counter dangerous attacks by popping up behind her enemy. Rapid water-portal chaining allows her high mobility and constructs can allow her to trap enemies in a "ping-pong" situation. Her attacks can still be countered, blocked or avoided however.

Ultimate move: Chill titan

Creating a massive icy construct that she pilots directly from the core, Robin swings the massive golem's fist down onto the enemy combatant before making the behemoth's entire body flow into the strike in the form of a torrent of water, ending with Robin emerging from the stream to land the knockout blow.

Secret technique! Blood Magic

If Robin's ultimate move for any of the styles is foiled, whether by perfect blocking or evasion and Robin's health is also low, there is a brief window to enter in a different button prompt, a complicated one. This allows Robin to manipulate the water in her enemy's body for a variety of potential finishers, including boiling them alive and a simple snap of the neck, the finisher that occurs in this situation is random, but the probability can be affected by which foe Robin faces. If this technique is used, the victory screen shows a different winning quote from Robin as she curses her moment of weakness.

Morgana: Stone Sentinel

Unsurprisingly, Morgana is a "heavy style" large health pool, tough block to break, slow, strong attacks, and capable of breaking guards with many of her techniques, forcing opponents to rely more heavily on evasion and counters which are fairly easy given the windows she offers. Morgana is primarily a melee fighter, though she can cause threats to emerge from the ground some distance away from her to harass her enemy if they are trying to keep away and whittle her down with ranged attacks. Some of Morgana's melee attacks also have mid-range components, a shockwave that erupts from a downswing, or debris flying off when she swings, but this is chip damage at most, closing the distance and striking directly with her hammer-axe in combos with few hits is how Morgana does the bulk of her damage. Her "air game" on the other hand is quite different, with faster, weaker attacks and more hang time than you'd expect as Morgana uses her power to levitate her rocky armour and projectile rocks. Learning when to take to the air is key to mastering Morgana's moveset, as it helps her adapt to her weak spots.

Ultimate move: Up-n-crush

Flipping her enemy the bird, Morgana erupts the ground under their feet, sending them and chunks of stone hurtling into the air. Before they can recover, Morgana simultaneously smashes all the rocks into her foe from all sides, compressing the mass down greatly into a rough sphere of stone she lets fall to the ground.

Katheryne: Hunter's Toolkit

Kat is a fast fighter, with weak attacks (in comparison to the competition) and fairly fragile defences. to use Kat is to require constantly maintaining offensive momentum, keeping the opponent from getting a foothold or a chance to breathe. Kat is equally effective at range or melee, with her future-tech firearms and blades. Uniquely, Kat also has several moves that have entirely different forms depending on what opponent she faces and is generally a hard counter to their playstyle. a quick, weak interrupt for one opponent character may be a heavy AOE strike for another. These moves rely on various gadgets she has procured ahead of time for the encounter she faces, from grenades to Gatling turrets, one must know their opponent as well as they know Kat to play her effectively.

Ultimate move: Retroactive prepwork

Shoving back her enemy, the foe is suddenly surprised to take two bullets to the knees from some unseen sniper and crumples to the ground, Kat then vanishes, re-appearing through a scene-change underneath the current arena, a quick view of the above area shows it to be surprisingly empty, whether this underneath zone be a basement or a sewer or a subterranean cave, this depends on the battlefield in question. Wearing a large backpack, Kat takes out C4 and begins to set many charges. The player's view quickly cuts to an elevated position that overlooks the original battlefield some ways in the distance, where two figures are duking it out. With a rifle slung across her shoulder, Kat takes up a sniper's position and peers through the scope on her rifle, lining up two shots against the show she had just been fighting. Once her enemy is on the ground and Kat has seen her past self vanish, she pulls a detonator from her pocket. Pulling the switch absolutely obliterates the battlefield and her incapacitated enemy as the C4 underneath explodes.

Rasputin: Light and Dark.

A fairly technical fighter, Ras has strong attacks but is the most fragile combatant, very much a glass canon that depends on keeping his foes at range. His light attacks are fast but can be evaded with skill, his dark attacks are slow but have significant utility in stun-locking or applying DOTs to his enemy. He can summon shades to attack on his behalf and barriers to negate some attacks. if a foe closes the distance between them Ras has a quick stunning light-sword slash, but this move offers very little time to retreat once used and is a tactic of desperation. Harder to connect with but more valuable if it does, Ras's corrupting grasp is a grab move that can drain health from an opponent and then drops that opponent to the ground, providing time for a skilled player to reposition themselves, this move can also be dodged fairly easily so timing is important.

Ultimate move: For want of a host

Rasputin grasps his foe with tendrils of dark and then bombards them with light blasts. Before he can disintegrate his foe however, he staggers, his body withers and his tattoos writhe. a moment's consideration and he leaves the dying body, attempting to possess the body of his enemy. The unfortunate victim writhes, Rasputin's dark markings manifest on their skin where visible, and finally they stop, Rasputin's cold eyes having replaced their own as he walks away in his new body.

Trivia: This move fails if Rasputin's or the enemy's health is too high. If Rasputin's health is above a certain threshold, he will end the combo by simply blasting the enemy with a great beam of light, if his health is low enough to attempt the possession and the enemy is not weakened enough, they will fight off his attempt and he will be forced back into his dying body, briefly stunned.

Maria: GD Veteran

Very much a squishy, Maria has passable CQC but excels in ranged attacks, with a multiform rifle and quicker sidearm, Maria's moves aren't particularly fast but the extra time drawing a bead on her enemy allows her to shoot for weaknesses and even bypass some defences. Pretty athletic as well, her movement and evasion are suitably effective though not outstanding. Maria also has a tool belt full of improvised tricks, with engineer's tools repurposed in a pinch to give every edge possible. including a custom stun-grenade combining tear gas, Chaff and a brief electrical charge running between the Chaff particles to give a very helpful stun-lock against most types of opponent.

Ultimate move: Call it in

Blinding an enemy with an ink pack thrown in their face, Maria literally "paints a target" and backs off to a safe distance, calling it in with the Journeyman above, where Lara promptly presses all the buttons, raining down missiles and lasers of all sorts.

Lara: Berserk Bot

Very tough, Lara's moves run the gamut from slow to fast, weak to strong, close to far and everything in between. This makes her an unpredictable and versatile opponent, with her main weakness being that a skilled player can find plenty of easy openings to exploit in her attacks for counters, dodges, reversals, even blocks, although some moves can be dangerous to block due to follow-through strikes, so that can be a bit of a trap for her enemies.

Ultimate move: All or nothing

One of the simplest ultimate moves, Lara simply uses every attack in her broad moveset in one stylised chain, relentlessly following through until she finishes with twin armcannon charge blasts.

Well that's it for now, I might add to this in future, new styles for the characters here, or new characters. I hope someone out there gets a kick out of this.
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Heya! Im sorry Ive not been on, Ive missed ya hope you're well :)
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Happy Birthday! Happy Birthday! Happy Birthday! :D
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Happy Birthday!!
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Hug bomb?
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I had to bombard you with hugs :)
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